One Last Looksee

Porch Editing Serious 169x300I‘m catching some fresh air while giving Who Is to Blame? the final inspection before it goes to press. 

The editing process starts with big-picture changes and over a period of several months, gradually evolves into fine-tuning. Phases of editing include:
            – developmental editing (aka substantive editing, structural editing)
            – copy editing
            – proofreading.  

In some instances, the different hats are worn by the same person.  At my publisher, Greenleaf Book Group, each of these steps involves a separate person, selected because of experience, skills, and expertise. 

During the publishing process, the digital manuscript was shuttled between the publisher and myself 5 times.  The end result is that I’m cross-eyed from looking and looking and looking again at the 106,000 words.

Do svidaniya!
(Until we meet again)

Written by : Jane