18 Years – Keep Trying!

Computer Cropped 265x300People often inquire, “How long did it take to write your book?”
Have you ever had an itch (actually, more like a compulsion) to do something, but despite your very best efforts, it just doesn’t work out?

That’s how I felt after 18 years of attempting to write fiction. Like many aspiring writers, I wrote in my “spare” moments – weekends, before work, on vacation.  I longed to turn my hobby into a second career, which I eventually did (but first I had to reach retirement age!)

Looking back, those early attempts were ghastly. Thank goodness they weren’t published. Then early in 2016, Greenleaf Book Group said, “We’ll take it!”

Do svidaniya!  Until we meet again!

Meanwhile, stick with it – whatever your goal

Written by : Jane