Why does the author get so much credit for a book?   Yes, the author puts the words on paper, but creating a book requires a synergistic team of professional editors, proof readers, designers, and typesetters, plus gurus in distribution, marketing, accounting, and legal.   And besides cooperating, each and everyone has to stay on-schedule to meet the deadline.

Well over a dozen people at the Greenleaf Book Group, Austin, Texas, directly had a hand in making Who Is to Blame? into a first-class book.  My deepest gratitude goes to every one of them.

Here are some members of my fantastic team at Greenleaf Books.

Greenleaf double cropped 610x259

From left to right:
Emilie Lyons,Project Manager
Corrin Foster, Marketing & Branding
Kristine Peyre-Ferry, Distribution
Hobbs Allison, Senior Consultant
Rachael Brandenburg, Designer

Really l-o-o-k at the book you are currently reading – the front cover, back cover, front matter, page layout. Consider how many steps, people, specialties, and processes have to dovetail.  By all rights, the results should be chaos. Instead, the final product is a magical transformation of what the author scribbled on paper months (if not years) ago.
Do svidaniya!
(Until we meet again!)

Written by : Jane