BOOK CLUB – 15 Years & Going Strong

Hollys book clubFront: Sue, Judy, Linda, Connie, Barb, Back: me (Jane) Margaret, HollyLast week, I had a rollicking good time with a local book club as they discussed  Who Is to Blame.

These women not only crave knowledge, they have a blast in the process.  And they’ve been together over 15 years!
During the discussion, they imagined being an old (40+ years) peasant woman in 1800s Russia – no teeth, poor eyesight, a dirt floor, and sleeping on straw in a single room hovel shared with other 10 people. And sharing that straw with a husband who had the legal and moral right to slap you around whenever he felt the urge.  Being a serf, you had no path out of that environment.  Nor did your children.

A humongous THANKS for the group’s insights and great spirit!

Written by : Jane