Russian Life cover cropped 300x300Do you have an interest in the country with the world’s largest land area?  Try Russian Life magazine. I’ve found that it contains slices of just about everything pertaining to historical and cultural Russia. This brainy, funny, off-the-beaten-path publication has been around for over 20 years.

• From religion to fairy tales
• From fine cuisine to sulfur dioxide spewing from a nickel refining plant
• From Moscow’s dating scene to St. Petersburg’s Save the Baltic Seals Foundation
• From Ivan the Terrible to Vladimir Putin.

Per Russian Life, Putin starts every day with a bowl of steaming kasha. If you’ve read Who Is to Blame?, you know that kasha is the ubiquitous buckwheat porridge that has warmed Slavic tummies for centuries.

The magazine’s photography is stunning.  And the publisher’s on-line store has unique items available for purchase, including Russian-themed wrapping paper and matching gift cards.

Written by : Jane