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How Did I Get Here?

2nd in the Petrovo series


While I was conducting research for the first novel in the Petrovo series, I kept bumping into this thing called the Crimean War.  Eventually, I realized it simply had to be the backdrop of my next novel for 3 reasons.

First, the Crimean War was the proverbial guinea pig for a myriad of innovations (such as, railroads, trench warfare, telegraphs, surgical anesthesia, medical triage, nurses) that forever changed the nature of warfare.

Small Map of Crimean War Brown CroppedThe second factor that grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go was the War’s magnitude as a gruesomely ugly historical reality.  Although the battlefield carnage was hideous, an even greater number of fatalities were attributable to disease, malnutrition, winter exposure, and incompetent leadership.  Not until World War I would more people die as victims of war.  

Third, the War forever altered the power in Europe.  Never again would tsarist Russia be considered indomitable. 

Because the Crimean War had little influence on the United States, most history classes tend to skim over it.

Written by : Jane