John Hasking Gil 2 300x169Who Is to Blame is a complex book to record. Fortunately, Gil at Peak Recording is a pro and a gentleman in every regard. The narrator, actor John Hosking, devoted untold hours mastering the long, tongue-twister Russian names.  Fate was unbelievably generous when it lined me up with these 2 gentlemen!

Jane @ Peak recording 300x225I even have a bit part in the recording. Gil warned me ”Be sure you’re wearing quiet clothes.” Huh? What do clothes matter in an audio recording??  Well… some clothes make a slight noise whenever you move, and the microphone doesn’t discriminate – it picks up everything.  Natural fibers tend to be less rambunctious!


1st 4 min Chpt 2 WITB 300x231First 4 minutes of Chapter 2

Control Room 300x199

Written by : Jane