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Dan Smith Oolite AndreySometimes you just get lucky.

I experienced that marvelous quirk of fate when I contracted with video-wizard Daniel Smith of ooLite Media to produce my video book trailers.   Knowledgeable, conscientious, flexible, patient, and a great laugh -- what more could I ask for?

When I mentioned to Daniel that I needed a sound studio to record my audiobooks, he pointed me in the direction of Peak Recording's  Gil Stober, who became the guru overseeing the making of my Audible books. Ditto, ditto, ditto for all the good things I said about Daniel.
Peak Recording Feb 2018 Gil Jane John cropped
Gil, in turn, lined me up with actor John Hosking to narrate the Audible version of my books.  More dittos, but add a voice that flows like warm caramel.