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Warmest Greetings!

My mother hauled a reluctant eleven-year-old to the stage performance of Fiddler on the Roof.  I stopped pouting when my toes started tapping with the music.

But it was the story that provided the proverbial fist-smack to the forehead.  I gleaned insight into how the mesh of prejudice, faith, love, and injustice influences people, families, friendships, and societies.

After thirty fulfilling years, I took down my veterinarian shingle and seriously pursued what I had kept on the back burner - creative writing.  Years of research on 1800s Russia led to a frenzied imagination, and I began making up stories.

My mind weaves tales that have a common thread - time is inevitably accompanied by change.  Change within us.  Change in the world around us.  My responsibility is to pen stories in ways that you'll find compelling, offer meaningful life lessons, and you'll want to share with others.


My Commitment To You:
Every bit of me will work to provide you with a reading experience that is engrossing, emotive, thought-provoking, and historically driven— a timeless tale that offers meaningful insights for today’s world.