whoBlame200The same year the United States embarked on a hellish civil war to abolish slavery, Russia purged itself, without bloodshed, of three centuries of human bondage.  In Petrovo, a village no larger than a flyspeck, two families provide a stark dichotomy between the master and the enslaved.

With a mutual feeling of having been despoiled, the former serfs and their former masters cast blame on each other.  But an inconvenient truth surfaces - the seeds of wrongdoing stem from diverse and far-flung sources.

What people are saying:

- "my hope is for a sequel."  Historical Novel Society

 - "a heart-melting story"

 - "love the flow, the wit, the simplicity.  Bring it on!"

 - "engrossing and readable book that rings with historical accuracy"

 - "realistic, historic story lines but no bodice-ripping, thank goodness!"


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